Many years ago now whilst out (supposedly hiking) in North Wales, I was persuaded to go for a horse ride. At that time and in spite of being in my twenties, I'd never even sat on a horse. I thought "why not. It can't be that difficult just sitting up there with the horse doing all the work". Wow, how wrong I was!! After a truly frightening half hour, I'd developed the greatest respect for all those who do make it look that simple. I also promised myself that one day I would learn to ride properly.

Well, I did nothing about it for far too many years. Although we live in what's basically an urban area, there are a few riding schools around. It would have been easy to go along, be put on a horse and taught how to ride it.

That's not what I wanted to do though; I wanted to learn as much as I could about horses in general - their "care and maintenance", training and so on.

In the summer of 2007 as I approached the age of 60, I decided that I had waited long enough. If I was ever going to do this, now was the time.

Through an Internet search, I discovered the website for Calico Livery Stables. I found they were looking for help around the stables & in return, helpers would be taught about horses, their care & management and so on. Although they were located 12 miles or so away, it sounded interesting. So, on a very wet day in July 2007 I went to the stables and met Dalila, Dave and Kim. Since that time I'm extemely fortunate in that I can now count them as friends as well as teachers!

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to see how I've been getting on in my quest to gain even the most basic knowledge of Horses - and also my attempts at riding...! [Unfortunately the information on the pages is badly out of date. Please bear with me while I try to update them.]


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