The Dobermann


When our children were very young, friends who had children of a similar age had a Dobermann that we would meet when visiting them. Although their dog was a stray they found wandering and took into their home, she was the most gentle and lovely natured dog, particularly around the young children.

I really liked the beautiful sleek appearance of the Dobermann, but in spite of our friend's dog, we were a little apprehensive about having one of our own with such young children. Although this was very much the pre-internet age, a little research led us to a man named Graham Hunt who was described as a "Dobermann expert" and fortunately lived not very far from us.

I phoned Graham one day and explained that we were very interested in the Dobermann and were considering getting one, but mentioned our concern about the breed, their reputation and young children. "No problem" said Graham. He invited us all to his home to meet his Dobermanns.

We went one Saturday afternoon; myself, my wife and our boy who were then aged about one and three. We were shown into a huge lounge where there were about four or five of the most enormous - but very beautiful - Dobermanns that I had ever seen. As we settled down to talk Dobermanns, our youngest son, who was playing on the floor, crawled toward one of the dogs which was playing with a ball. I told our son to leave the dog & not try to play with the ball. Graham assured me there was no problem and suggested I let our son take the ball from the dog's mouth. Aghhh!! Was this man mad?!! In spite of my fears, I let him carry on and sure enough he went right up to the dog. What followed amazed me. This enormous dog was so very gentle as he allowed the child to take the ball from his mouth!

Graham went on to explain that, properly trained, a Dobermann would make a perfect family pet that would take good care of it's human companions of whatever age.

And so it was that shortly afterwards, and with Graham's help in finding a suitable puppy for us, Lucy came into our lives. She was an amazing dog who learned extremely fast. She was easily and quickly housetrained and never at all destructive, even when left alone for quite long periods. We were fortunate to have her in our lives for 14 years.

It took us many years after her death before we could even think of getting close to Dobermanns again but eventually I decided to lend a hand supporting t his wonderful breed. I spent three years between 2011 and 2014 occasionally helping "Friends of Northern Dobermanns." Please follow this link or use the menu above to go to the "Dogs"-"Dobermanns"-"Working with F.O.N.D." tab.