A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to foster for The Bulldog Rescue and Rehoming Trust. I collected Taff from his owner in South Wales. Sadly they were unable to keep him any longer because of their poor health.

The journey from Prescot took close on 5 hours and I spent most of the time wondering what Taff would be like. I'd only very occasionally seen a Bulldog and never taken care of one. It was a mixture of excitement and apprehension! We met Taff on our arrival & he was a good-natured lad who soon made friends with us. It was early July so fortunately the long journey home, which began in the early evening, was very pleasant for all of us as the temperature was a little more reasonable. I'd been rather concerned about this as I'd heard of Bulldogs and their inability to withstand high temperatures.

Unfortunately Taff had a few medical problems of his own, although thankfully these weren't particularly serious. He suffered from wet eczema on the inside of his thighs and had a food allergy which meant he needed a special diet.

We were delighted to find he was a well-mannered dog who fitted into our family quite well. In the three months or so we fostered Taff, we didn't have a single problem of any significance. Having said that, we'd been well briefed by Tania and others at the rescue, so we made sure he had a constant supply of fresh drinking water, we kept him indoors in the shade and in the coolest room during the hottest parts of the day and took him for walks either early in the morning or late at night. We were also aware of a Bulldog's need for a bit of extra help with their "personal care", so we regularly checked and cleaned around his stumpy little tail and also wiped the skin folds around his nose and mouth.

Taff was, and still is, our only experience with Bulldogs so I'm really not able to comment on how "typical" he is of the breed in terms of his appearance, although my guess is that he's quite lightly-built and smaller than many. That was possibly connected with his allegy and digestive problems though. Personality-wise, he was pretty much as we'd been expecting. Although not the most affectionate dog we've ever had with us, he was certainly friendly to all of us and any visitors, and could be trusted around people and other dogs.There was certainly a stubborn streak in him though, as he was perfectly happy to do as he was asked, providing it was in his own time ;-))

Would we consider having a Bulldog live with us again? You bet we would!! I often surf the various Bulldog sites and I have to say I'm overawed by some of the photos I see of absolutely superb-looking Bulldogs who very often seem to have a personality to match.

If you've got Bulldogs on your website and would allow me to link, please email me. If you've not got a website but have pictures you would be happy to share I'll happily post them on this page. Any comments about Bulldogs would be welcome too, just use the same email link.


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