As I understand it there are a number of breeds that fall in to the category of "Mastiff" - Neapolitan, Cane Corso, Spanish, English and Bullmastiff to name but a few.

Ones that particularly interest me are the English Mastiff, French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux and the Neapolitan Mastiff. Over the years, I've seen a few of these dogs although they're not at all common in the area where I live. Although I've never had any personal experience of them, I hope at some time in the future I may get to have one stay with us for a while as a guest!


Quite by chance, in August 2013 I had the opportunity to meet and play with Jesse, a 10 year old English Mastiff who came into the care of the Great Dane Adoption Society following the death of his owner....

Mastiff Jesse

Jesse the English Mastiff


















Jesse shaking

Jesse enjoying a good whole-body shake...





























Emma and Arnold

Friends Pam and John Hall kindly sent me a photo of their last Bullmastiff, Emma (left)

along with their Dobermann, Arnold























If you own a Mastiff breed and have photographs you'd like to share but don't have a website, I'd be happy to post them on this page if you email me the pictures. Also, any advice or comments from Mastiff owners would be appreciated too!


**NEWS**  Having recently retired from full-time work, I can now offer dog walking, dog sitting and other ways of helping care for your dog during those times when you really need it. Any Mastiffs will be very welcome! Please go to my Dogs at Home pages for more information. (Merseyside area)


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